FANTIC XE 125cc 2021

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A perfect synthesis between agility and versatility, performance and easiness of use even in the most extreme situations: this is the new Fantic XE 125 Enduro. A racing bike that is able to guarantee the easiness of driving and control even on the most hostile trails.

Euro5 homologated, the Fantic XE 125 is the ideal bike for both rookies and riders who want to fight at the top of the charts. The performance of the engine, reliability, versatility and perfect ergonomics, combined with its exceptional cycling qualities, have positioned it since its debut as a reference project in the enduro world.

Performing engineThe engine of the XE 125 Enduro is a single-cylinder 2-stroke liquid-cooled Yamaha 125cc that compared to the cross-version has a head with dedicated geometry which allows a lower compression ratio (cross-version: 8.6 ~ 10.7: 1 – enduro version: 7.4 ~ 8.8: 1). The CDI control unit features an ignition with a specific setting for enduro usage. The engine is equipped with an oversized generator which also powers a 12V battery. The exhaust system has been developed in collaboration with Arrow, it features a new expansion system designed specifically for enduro usage, optimized in particular at the low end. This great low-end punch ensures that the traction is always excellent, with no dips or peaks in power which are more difficult to manage.

Top-level chassisAn incredibly light and strong semi-double-cradle aluminium frame. The XE 125 always offers agility, stability, traction, and absorbs all kinds of bumps both at low and high speed. Excellent Kayaba suspensions, with 48mm SSS (Speed-Sensitive System) fork and 300mm travel with Enduro setting specifically designed by our Racing Department, it get adapted to various riding styles, beginners or professionals, providing performance at the highest level. The rear shock absorber is Kayaba as well (315mm of wheel travel), separately adjustable in preload, compression and rebound. The swingarm is made of alloy, DID rims with 21×1.60 – 18×2.1521×1.60 – 18×2.15 sizes mount Dunlop Geomax EN91 tires 90/90-21” \ 120/90-18”. Final ratio 13:50. The braking department is by Nissin, power and module ability for both front and rear brakes, with a 270mm floating disc on the front and 245mm on the rear.

ErgonomicsThe tank integrates perfectly with the line of the bike and thanks to a large capacity (9 litres) among the largest in its class, it guarantees great autonomy in long off-road trips. The bike is slim and allows to always be squeezed between the rider’s legs for maximum control. The front fearing are designed to ensure freedom in movement and control of the vehicle at the same time. The seat features a high grip cover and allows you to feel together with the bike. The standard LED headlight ensures great visibility even at night.

Technical Data

Type: Single-cylinder 2-strokes wtih intake reed valve and exhaust YPVS
Displacement: 125 cc
Carburetor: Mikuni ø38
Bore: 54 mm
Stroke: 54.5 mm
Compression ratio: 7.4 ~ 8.8 : 1
Ignition System: CDI
Starting system: Kickstarter
Lubrication system: Premix
Trasmission: 6-speed
Clutch: Wet, multiple-disc
Homologation: Euro5
CO2 Emission: 53 g/km
Frame type: Aluminum semi double cradle
Caster angle: 26.8°
Trail: 116 mm
Rear frame: Alluminum
Swingarm: Aluminum with variable section and progressive link
Rims: 21×1.60 – 18×2.15
Tyres: 90/90×21 – 120/90×18
Brakes: Hydraulic disc ø270mm – Hydraulic disc ø245mm
Front suspension: KYB ø48 mm, fully adjustable, wheel travel 300 mm
Rear suspension: KYB, fully adjustable, wheel travel 315 mm
Length: 2140 mm
Width: 825 mm
Height: 1285 mm
Seat height: 955 mm
Wheelbase: 1455 mm
Wet weight: 101 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 9.0 l
Engine oil quantity: 0.7 l

Η αποστολή των άμεσα διαθέσιμων προϊόντων γίνεται την ίδια ημέρα αν η αγορά γίνει μέχρι τις 12:00 π.μ. ή την επόμενη (εκτός Σαββάτου – Κυριακής ) με συνεργαζόμενη εταιρεία courier (Γενική Ταχυδρομική).

Για αγορές εντός Ελλάδος και άνω των 150.00 € με πληρωμή εκτός αντικαταβολής τα έξοδα αποστολής είναι δωρεάν.

Υπάρχει επίσης η δυνατότητα παραλαβής του προϊόντος από το κατάστημα μας.

Χρεώσεις εσωτερικού για αποστολή με Γενική Ταχυδρομική :

  1. Εντός Αττικής και μέχρι 2 κιλά 4.00 ευρώ και κάθε επιπλέον κιλό 1,50 ευρώ.
  2. Χερσαίοι και Νησιωτικοί προορισμοί μέχρι 2 κιλά 5.00 ευρώ και κάθε επιπλέον κιλό 1,50 ευρώ.
  3. Δυσπρόσιτοι προορισμοί μέχρι 2 κιλά 7 ευρώ και κάθε επιπλέον κιλό 2 ευρώ.


Υπάρχει δυνατότητα παράδοσης αυθημερόν εντός Αττικής με επιπλέον χρέωση 10 ευρώ.

Η αντικαταβολή χρεώνεται επιπλέον 3 ευρώ.

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